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This game will be based on the six-sided die. It will loosely follow D&D 3.5 (it’s the only game system I’m familiar with), but if I decide something is bullshit, or I like something I made up, it will be so.


The System

Abilities: There are three abilities: Power, Dodge, and Tough. These three all start at -1. A player is given three points, and may distribute them among the abilities any way they like. Power affects your attack, Dodge affects your defense, and Tough affects your hit points. For example, a character who makes his scores P-1 D+2 T-1 will get -1 on all their attack rolls, +2 on all their defense rolls, and -1 hitpoints. Ability Checks: Whenever a player makes a roll to affect something, they add the appropriate ability score. For example when a character wants to break something, they should make a Power check (a roll + their Power) to see if they broke it or not. If they want to plow through a glass door, and want to see if it hurts them, they should make a Tough check (a d20+ their Tough).


Attacking and Damage: to Attack, the player declares a target, then rolls a die to see if they hit. With a ranged weapon (like a gun) they add their Dodge to the roll. If it is a close ranged weapon, they add their Power to the roll. If their Attack Check is higher than the target’s Defense Check, the attack hits. If the Defense Check is higher, it misses. If the attack hits, it deals either the damage value of the weapon (as in the case of a gun), or the damage value plus the Attacker’s Power (as in the case of a bow or chainsaw).

Attack and Defense Checks: These are the same as Ability Checks, except they are specifically for attacking and defending. When in battle, the attacker makes an Attack check, and the Defender makes an opposed Defense check. Other modifiers (such as cover and weapons) may affect these checks.

Main Page

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